Another Black Angel: and Metanoia

A new friend, William Fisher, just wrote with this story of his black angel. In my experience, it is unusual for an angel to speak, but this one did, and I particularly note William’s final thoughts about this fact:

My black Angel came in late summer 2012, a year after my ugly divorce was final. My heart was dark due to the ex blocking all contact with the two stepchildren I had helped raise since birth and the personal financial disaster caused by the economy, the ex and the divorce. I believed in God, but just didn’t understand how this situation was God’s will of good for me and our four children.
Suddenly things changed, and the ex allowed my 14 year old stepdaughter Sarah to spend the weekend with me and the two children from our marriage. Sarah and my youngest daughter, (8 yr.) Victoria, spent the weekend doing whatever they wanted. For Sarah that meant a surfing lesson even though there was no surf that day.
Sarah’s questions, however, revived good memories, and a couple of weeks later I was sitting in a hot courtroom, when the breeze from an open window struck me in an overwhelming full-body rush whispering me that the surf was up and to go get my board. I drove out to the beach and found my intuition was right. Huge waves. Continue reading

The Cat that Came Back from the Other Side

When a stranger asked me as a medium and psychic to contact her beloved cat who had died, I said I didn’t know if I could.  I’ve given hundreds of readings, and sometimes (but not always) an angel appears and sometimes (but not always) the spirit of someone who has died — but I’d never attempted such a thing with an animal, and especially with a cat, independent and self-reliant as they are. I was amazed and shocked at what happened, and what the cat had to say. Continue reading

LOOKING FOR angels–videos–photos

I’ve deliberately been off the grid (so to speak) for the last months, but today I had a call inviting me to fly to Los Angeles to be part of a TV show on Angels and the Afterlife for the Travel Channel. THAT will be FUN!

They are actively looking for videos or photos of orbs, angels, and spirits. So, here I am sending out the word: Contact if you have any photos or videos to share on TV. I’m sure you get credit.

Let me know if you sent any. I’d like to know.

Good luck, or as the wolves say in Kipling’s Jungle Books, “Good Hunting.”

Do prayers work?


Yesterday I woke up, turned on the radio, as usual, to hear to the news as I dressed, and was thrown into a pit of despair: the President wants to put guns into schools to prevent gun shootings; our statesmen are incapable of banning semi-automatic military weapons designed to slaughter as many people as possible in the fastest time; the truce in Syria fails; climate change, young Dreamers (DACA) without a country or home; diplomats absent or pushed aside in favor of threatened war with North Korea. . . .

It’s always been this way: arrogance, stupidity, greed, fear, violence, vengeance, loneliness– entire populations living on the brink of lost. I felt the energy sucked out of my body as I tried to remind myself that others held different points of view about guns, war, suffering – I could be wrong – my heart breaking for the children of Parkland Florida, or the shootings in Las Vegas, or Columbine, or Sandy Hook, or—or– or– because only the most dramatic shootings are reported, not the 96 living breathing people killed every day by a gun. The horror! Horror!

And then I began to pray. “ Oh God, help us, help this little world. Show us what to do.” (Write my Congressman? I don’t even HAVE one, living as I do unfranchised in the District of Columbia.) And then the doubts flew like bats beating at my brain: IS there a God? Where? Continue reading

Knitting calm: 5 Rules of the Universe

It has been nearly a year since I posted anything, for sometimes silence in the face of all the clatter and clamor of our lives seems to be the greatest gift that anyone can give. But not long ago a letter arrived from a friend in Europe, struggling with tough times (like all of us), and what she wrote is so clear and calm that I marvel: Is this the meaning of Enlightenment? . . .

Dear Sophy,

“I’ve not been feeling great today, and praying a lot. At a certain point when the kids were playing, I sat knitting in the kitchen.  And it struck me that I am really missing a very important point: the divinity that is part of all of us.

The deepest mystery is right there inside us. We don’t have to search for it.  We just have to listen. There is nothing to push. Just be quiet, and it’s right there. Continue reading

Letting Go



Last week I was in Barcelona with my daughter, my sister and her daughter. Oh, my gosh, we had so much fun. But on our second night, however,  a gypsy stole my cellphone in a fashion so clever that I am still in awe. There’s a spiritual aspect to the story, but first, let me tell what happened.

It was late at night. We had gone, all four of us, to market to buy food to cook for dinner in our rented quarters. We were jet lagged and tired, having walked five or six miles  that day. Outside the market a Rom or gypsy man approached, begging. He was ragged, dirty, and a little aggressive, and, startled, we hurried on. We walked two blocks back to the hotel, where we had rented the apartment, rang ourselves inside and climbed a flight of marble steps. My daughter was putting the key in the lock to our rooms when suddenly we found the man behind us —frightening, standing too close. No one had heard him climbing the stairs behind us. At the same time Continue reading

a modest proposal to eliminate abortion

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything, for recent political matters have consumed me: the election of our new President, the Women’s March last weekend, and this week the Anti-abortion March at the Washington Monument, where Vice President Pence delivered the official (new) Government position on abortions.

Recently I was talking to an Anti-abortionist, who was deeply concerned about the pain of abortion on the fetus. It’s a huge issue, and it has set me thinking at a deep spiritual level: Why is abortion done? Is it morally wrong? Is there a solution? It involves hurting and killing an unborn fetus, or if done early enough a group of cells; and no woman would do this lightly. It is horrifying, and given a choice, I think no one would do it. BUT… — and there is always a “but,” even with the spiritual —

   But I am of the age when women could not get an abortion, I’m that old. I remember how a young girl would get knocked up (as we called it), and have to marry, if she was lucky – if the rooster didn’t leave her to raise a child by herself at a time when to have a bastard left a single mother alone and isolated and disdained. She could put it up for adoption. But many women died in back alleys (which was the word for illegal abortion efforts), trying to poke or pull the baby out with a coat hangar, and many women were left permanently harmed. Or dead. Why? And what of those who became pregnant due to rape or incest, or little girls, thirteen or fourteen years old, still children themselves, whose lives are changed irretrievably by unwanted pregnancy (or even unwanted sex). What is our spiritual path?

Anti-abortionists call themselves pro-life, but, struggling with the spiritual aspects of this problem, I find they care about the fetus, but not the baby, child, or adult that the fetus will grow into, so that we find Congress determined  to cut food programs, schools, contraception, health care, assistance for disabled–even for vets–anything that helps a woman live or raise her child. Is that pro-life? Spirituality is always about love. How can we love more deeply? How can we express it, show it, more? Isn’t that what Christ was teaching us?

And then I think that, instead of knee-jerk opposition, I should take the Anti-abortion position seriously. They have a point!



  1. That too many babies are unwanted, resulting in abortions
  2. That abortions cause pain to fetuses,
  3. That abortions are morally and ethically wrong;
  4. That not enough people want to adopt less desirable or disabled babies
  5. That women, who are the ones getting pregnant and giving birth, have no capacity for wisdom or making sound choices concerning life, their children, or abortion;

THEREFORE, it is the responsibility of the U. S. Government to intervene in order to save the sacred life of each and every fetus, and


Every man or woman, married or single, shall be chosen by lottery (with special emphasis given to members of Congress, the Supreme Court, and the Executive Branch) to take one unwanted child and rear it for its lifetime, either alone or with the assistance of a spouse, AND MOREOVER


  1. That Government intervention and intrusion by a Government bureaucracy in private lives is undesirable and morally wrong;
  2. That Government itself, being large and unwieldy, must be reduced or abolished, excepting for the military and national security;
  3. That health care, public schools, prisons, transportation, the environment and eco-systems, and other government functions, are best left to the private sector in unregulated capitalism;
  4. That dependence upon Government handouts is agreed to encourage malingering, selfishness and laziness:


The rearing of said new-born infant shall be undertaken by the lottery foster parent, (as with all children) with no government assistance, financial aid, health insurance, food stamps, or free public schools.

THUS, shall the need for abortions and all pain to unborn fetuses be eliminated while maintaining the dignity of the Individual and a smaller government.






Christmas Presents





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Murder by poison

Here we are at Christmas/Hannakah, and look! Here is the story I promised: a whistleblower, an attempted murder, a life saved. You’ll tell me it was all imagination, and true, nothing can be proved, but the point is . . .  I urge you always: follow your Intuition, that “still small Voice of God.” It may save your life. I wish I had the ability to add a photo of the cover of the book, but I don’t know how. He refers to A BOOK OF ANGELS, available on Amazon both in print and on kindle:     This item:A Book of Angels: Reflections on Angels Past and Present, and True Stories of How They Touch Our L… by Sophy Burnham Paperback $11.72.


Dearest Mrs. BURNHAM!


I’ve just read your delicious and very interesting book about angels: it was splendid & marvelous because it is true! We’re all in connection with the spiritual dimension at any time & at any place: the spirits & angels are on our side, guarding us & protecting us & surrounding us! Fifteen years ago I had a life-saving experience through my personal guardian angel as I went through a very difficult, bad patch. I worked in a Dutch-Belgian firm, and I was very unhappy. I was suffering from [subject to] harassment in this modern & established workplace!

Precious tools for the production unit that I had to take care of continuously & systematically disappeared, and it seemed a bit suspicious to me, just as it did to other colleagues who–most of them–suspected me of having stolen them! We all became suspicious of one another, but I was suspect number 1, because I was the new “talent” in this firm. . . Continue reading