Christmas Presents





LOVE, ALBA, “Indie BOOK OF THE YEAR (romance)”

Book Jacket A copy

“I love this book. I read it in one gulp! Burnham’s romantic tale fires the imagination…” Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way +Sophy Burnham Love, Alba

 Is it tacky to promote your own books? Yes! And (sigh) here I am doing it.

Also remember


OOPS! I don’t have a photo to show, darn it! But it’s a BEAUTIFUL BOOK. Look on Amazon. Yours for about 90 cents — or for $70 (how odd)


FALLING: LOVE-STRUCK, THE GOD POEMS click books + sophy burnham

 COVER FALLING4_for_writers_onlyBG


3 thoughts on “Christmas Presents

  1. Dear Sophy, Just opened this email of yours. I noted your question about ” being tacky, promoting your own books”. You think Yes, I think No because as I understand it, that’s part of an overall marketing strategy.

    A writer friend of mine, published via CreateSpace. She had to promote/market her book. But I think it’s languishing somewhere on Amazon still after a year. it was a tough blow to her when the copy she donated to our local library was not accepted. She found it in the Friends of the Library Book Sale.

    If I ever succeed in bringing a book to publishing condition, I dread all that will be required of me to get it noticed.

    You present very pleasant promotional emails. I wish I had time to take more advantage of the content.

    Best regards, Eleanor

    • Just a quick note, Eleanor, to tell you how much your email meant to me. It is so hard promoting your own work. I can do it for other people, but for your SELF?! Horrors. Thank you for taking the time to write. Happy New Year.
      Warm regards,

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