On the election of Trump

On the election of Trump. (11/09/16)



Oh, in the darkest of days,

When weeping is the only action known to eyes,

And inside your chest the twisted rag of your heart wrings itself

In agony, when Hope is lost and Faith’s gone roaming

In the deserts of Imagination,


How is it that You find a way

Dear God, to touch the lyre of my soul?

I glance up, eyes blurred by tears,

Toward the picture hanging on the wall above my desk,

“The Hand of God,” I call it – this ocean depth,

deep, black and billowing beneath

A sky with outspread fingers formed of clouds

Shredding—it is the blessing

Of God’s palm outstretched. I see it every day

But now it hits as if I’d never noticed it before:

“I’m Here,” it says, “All’s well. Be still.”


I open the computer then to find a stranger’s letter

Thanking me for words in books I’d written

So long ago I don’t remember what they said.

He gifts me with his angel tale of hope and energy–

This when my heart is breaking, rainbows needed now.


In the deepest Valleys of the Dark

You are with me, angel,

Singing in small silent sounds and only heard by

The one to whom you Sing. O Mother!

O Goddess! O Daddy! Care for me. For us.

I am afraid.


I am afraid for my beautiful country,

For Democracy, afraid of the rise of Ignorance

And hate, oblivion of Wisdom. O Help us, Dearest Love,

To remember kindness. Is that too much to ask?

Help us to be kind

To one another.





4 thoughts on “On the election of Trump

  1. I’m just sick about this. However I have a new novel in progress, Our Frail Disordered Lives, touching on many of the campaign’s themes. I hope to have it first drafted by the end of the year.

  2. Happy 11/11 /16. My Airplane Angel,,,, May our Angels carry us safely for the next four years like a warm wind blowing angel feather signs to know that God almighty has us protected from all events to come this next phase of our universe.. God bless my Airplane Angel Sophy

      • Thank you my dear Airplane Angel! I have been writting. And I am at my daughters in Falls Church Va. hellping with my granddaughter Moira . I would love to see you again as I have so much to to share with you . I have so many souls that passed on my cell photos. It is beautiful.. I have come to realize that I need to sjare my photo with the world , So I am working on that also.. I am not so scared as I was before, as now I know now I will be guided in all this unknown universe. I in the process of enlightenment . So I am letting it be a process. A great one at that.. So thank you Sophy My Airplane Angel. Maybe we can connect this visit.. I am here until Monday am .. Take care 🙂 Sophy Angel

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