FALLING: Love-struck

Dear Friends:  LOOK! My book of poetry is being published in May. Here is the draft cover (with a few too many colons). I am so pleased, BUT…..

Finishing Line Press wants 100 pre-publication sales, and I am asking you out of friendship, curiosity, generosity, courtesy, and love of Words, to buy a copy – or two – or some to give away to friends.

If they don’t get enough pre-publication sales, they don’t publish. And then you get your money back. Here is the link to order FALLING: LOVE-STRUCK, The God Poems by Sophy Burnham. https://finishinglinepress.com/index.php?cPath=2&sort=2a&filter_id=2147

Will you help?

This is only a draft cover and needs adjustment. And below is a review… and also one poem from this collection.


Here’s one of the reviews:

The voice in this poem speaks out of the wisdom of a life lived passionately and consciously in the body, a voice in love with the world, attuned to loss and woundedness, open to relationships – from lovers to granddaughters  – and animated by the childlike wonder of a true mystic.  To read these poems is to fall in love again – with the earth, with our fragile and beautiful humanness, with words and yes, with the lively mystery that some of us call “God.”    –Kathleen Henderson Staudt, author of Waving Back: Poems of Mothering Life and Annunciations: Poems out of Scripture.

 And here is a poem, just for fun – but every one of these poems is different, some ecstatic, and some skeptical or amused, and in some you have to search to find the God.


I can’t believe it snowed again last night

I mean look at it,

The white fire dazzling my eyes

Against the blue cup of sky

The scent of wind-whipped snow

Stinging my skin.


I can’t believe he didn’t propose

After all that!

Three years of sleeping together

And feeding him and picking up his dirty

Socks. And then he packed

And left.


I can’t believe the lousy dinner she served

When everyone knows she’s rich as Croesus

And not a drop of wine.

Because she’s on the wagon,

She says, and if you believe that you believe



I can’t believe the radiation levels in Japan

Or the earthquake right on the heels of

Mudslides, drought, tornadoes, floods, more war,

For that matter I can’t believe we’re actually at war again

In some desert halfway round the world

And the financial meltdown: Eeooooweee!

how much I lost!

You wouldn’t believe it.


But as for God, come on, hey,

Give me a break,

It’s like rational, I mean

Intellectual. Who

Can believe in God?

Sophy Burnham



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