A True Miracle

You rarely come across a truly miracle—so much is called  imagination or explained as some twist of quarks or physics, but here’s one that happened to me just a few days ago.

I was on the Chunnel train traveling from London to Paris. I was underground, in fact deep underneath the English Channel, with tons of fathoms of water overhead, pressing on the tunnel itself (itself a sort of miracle, to my mind, and bless those engineers and workers who built it in such a way it doesn’t collapse under the weight of water, but that’s another story).

My cellphone had been dead for days, because though I had remembered to pack the charger, I had rather stupidly forgotten that I also needed the wall attachment that allows an American apparatus to plug into a European socket, and being too busy to buy an attachment, my cellphone’s power had slowly faded and died out. (I thought I might buy one when I got to Paris, and meanwhile, the phone was, after two days, quite black and dead.)

Suddenly it rang. I looked up from my book in astonishment, picked it up. “Hello?” The call was from my cousin’s friend, who informed me that she had to go out and would leave the key under a rock in a flowerpot in the courtyard . She gave me the door code and directions to get inside.

Then the phone again went dead. But when I arrived at eleven at night on a dark and empty street, I could thankfully find my way into the apartment. Blessing the angels that watch over us

Oh god! How foolish it all sounds in light of the bombing last night in Paris, the 160 people killed, the wounded, the horror–the horror–the senseless murders and lives ripped to pieces and the fear rippling through the air. Oh god, send angels to us in our helplessness. Write to me. Write to me. We need miracles now.

7 thoughts on “A True Miracle

  1. Dear Sophy, Your miracle in Paris at that time can be a mini preview of miracles that may come to light there now. God can work through this horror in ways we can’t yet see. My best to you, Mary Cassidy Denigan

  2. It’s always lovely to hear from you, dear heart. I love your descriptions of wonder and miracles. Every time I read something you’re right, I can just see you is if we’re talking together.

    Still haven’t made it up to DC in the way I have one too, because my dad has been in the hospital. Just leaving Florida today to go back to Georgia after being with him for about a month.

    Have given up making plans, and I’m just going movement movement with what I feel the Lord is asking me to do. So many times in the last several years I have tried to start things a new, but I still seem to be in a mode where most important factors making sure Dad is OK or helping out with my kids and their families. Not complaining. I am so blessed and praise the Lord for His presence, provision, blessings and joy.

    May the Lord continue to bless and keep you and yours, now and always.

    Blessings and oh-so-much Love — Kathy 😊❤️🌹🌹❤️

    Kathleen Ware Harris, D.Min.


  3. Sophy, your account gives us all hope and maybe the jolt of faith we need to pray again. I’m hoping that a kind of miracle will emerge in that the decent people of the world —- French, Russian, American, Asian, Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, atheist, whatever (!) will find common ground in these violent attacks on Paris, Beirut etc. to band together and disavow the violent. Just as Europe came together in peace after Hitler, so this madness may bring about the emergence of the good.

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