a grandmother and a lady bug

I get mail all the time from people reading my books, but this one especially touched me. I have deleted the last name of the sender to protect her privacy. She wrote:
I was in the Lockport, NY publc Library waiting for my son to finish his Spanish lesson. I picked up your book, A BOOK OF ANGELS,…put it down…went to another aisle…something told me to come back. I checked it out. I have just finished it..and something amazing happened.
I will first start by saying that I know I have been visited by angels on many occasions ever since I was little, most recently about 2 months ago in a dream…This summer (I am a teacher, so I am home with my children for summer break) I have noticed that everywhere we go, when I am with the kids a monarch butterfly passes by us…it has been at our home, my parents home (2 hours away), in the parking lot on the way to a work meeting in which I had to bring two of my kids, and again today as I was finishing up the last page of your book. To me it felt like my [deceased]Grandmother.
When I put your book down, I looked up in the sky. “If this is really my grandmother, send me a sign on my son Cooper”–and about 1 minute later this ladybug flew onto our deck where my kids were sitting and landed on Cooper’s hand… (see picture)…I simple looked up in the sky and said thanks…I wanted to share that your book meant a lot of me, and I appreciate you opening my eyes and heart even further.
See picture of my son Cooper age 6

PE Teacher
[deleted name] Elementary School

Isn’t that sweet?

photo (6).JPG

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