Love, Alba

Well, in another ten days my novel, LOVE, ALBA will be in bookstores. (I think it’s already posted on Amazon), and I’m ready to go into a trough of depression after all these months of work. BUT I GOT MY FIRST REVIEW THIS WEEK, and I’m so pleased I could POP!  It’s from Romance Foresight for the Fall issue (my novel is a love story for mature women). The review called Love, Alba “hilarious,” “unique,” and “fascinating,” and “heartfelt” and “a touching reflection on life in a conversational storyteller’s style.”

“Without question, these sage creatures [the cats] dominate the plot. Mystical, angelic, and occasionally overbearing, they contribute much more than insignificant details.”

Then Foresight quotes from my book:  “Late that night I moved to the moonlit window. A bat flew past, a silent blur of black, and deep in the grass came the scurrying of mice and moles. In the distance a garbage can lid fell with a clatter—the work of an urban raccoon. The city was bathed in an amber glow, and with eyes half-closed I settled into the silent cat-space that connected me with Puma across the river, communing mind to mind.”

So here’s the deal:   I’ll be asking for help in spreading the word. I hope you’ll buy Love, Alba, but also that you’ll post news on your social media sites, and ask your local bookstore to carry it, and maybe write a review for Amazon or Goodreads. If everyone buys on Amazon on the same day (August 10 or 11), it could hit the Bestseller lists! (take THAT! you New York publishers!)

For autographed copies, look on my website to place an order, and I’ll sign and mail you copies.

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