To Trust

In Anne of Green Gables (usually considered a children’s book) the heroine knows what to do by seeing a flash of light—meaning “yes!” I write of such things in The Art of Intuition and also in A Book of Angels, but I want to empathize here that we all have the ability to discern with deep listening, “What am I to do next?” and “What do you have to tell me?”

I think the greatest hindrance to intuition (and telepathy, ESP, animal communication, etc.) is your own mind. Reason logic, critical analysis tells us intuition can’t be trusted. And this brings me to something I’ve only recently learned.

Believe, and all things are possible! We are admonished. It’s in the Bible. Everything is possible for one who believes, Jesus warns the man who wanted healing for his ailing child. (Mark 9:3) “I believe,” cries the poor father, and then in anguish, “Help thou my unbelief.”

It gets worse.

“Do you believe in me?” Christ asks Mary and Martha, just before raising their brother Lazarus from the dead. What an odd thing to ask. He’s standing right in front of them. But, “I believe!” trumpets Martha. Believes what? In some translations, she lays it out so heavily that we assume the early Church Fathers shoveled their dogma on top of the vague eye-witness reports: “I believe you are the Christ, the Messiah!”

I worry at the word like a terrier. What does believing that have anything to do with easing Martha’s grief at her brother’s death or her anger at Jesus for having stayed away when Lazarus was ill?

But recently I’ve come across some wondrous information.

When the Bible was translated from Greek into English under the reign of King James I, the Greek verb pisteuo, was translated as to believe or have faith or even in some cases, to be righteous. But in Greek pisteuo carries echoes of trust.

It makes a difference.

What if Jesus was asking not, “Do you believe in me,” but “Do you trust me?” It changes everything!

Everything is possible for one who trusts!

Trust, and all things are possible.

Belief is a matter of intellect, and the business of the brain is to analyze, worry, question, doubt. But trust comes from the heart, arising with the simplicity of a child.

“Throw your heart over the fence,” goes the horseman’s adage, “and the horse will follow.”

Trust, and the Universe will bring you your desires!

No sooner do I write this than Intellect and Reason intervene, reminding me of the suffering in this world. Surely those unhappy people trusted too, and look at wars, poverty, degradation, migrations, illness, death—loss piled on loss.

Do I understand this pretty world, the suffering, the purpose of life? No. Do I trust that a Guiding Hand is at my side? Yes, and here’s a by-product: when I trust, I’m happy. It’s that simple—I’m liberated from doubt, anger, fear, desire, hatred, self-dislike. And yet I’s as natural for the Mind to doubt as for a horse to run.

When in my doubting mind, it takes an act of will to trust. Then in my imagination, I turn myself over to Something Greater. I put my hand in His, because even if my mind is full of doubt, my heart knows Something “out there,” is loving me, is loving all of us. We aren’t promised that nothing bad will happen in our lives. We are promised that when it does, we’re not alone.

So what exactly do I trust? I trust in love, beauty, in the miracle of creativity and in the innate compassion of people, the indominable urge to kindness. I trust that the Universe is on my side, caring, guiding us with angels and intuition and flashes of light. I trust that in the words of St. Julian of Norwich, “All shall be well, and all shall be well. All manner of thing shall be well. “

Sophy Burnham


10 thoughts on “To Trust

  1. Sophy,

    When are you coming to see me again? Its been along time. We could use your wisdom at our Unity Fellowship. Rev. Ginny is leaving for a Sabbatical and there seems to be a bit of a power struggle going on as to how things should now be handled. Are you up for talking to us one Sunday and maybe holding a workshop?? September and October have a number of openings. God bless. Bob Osmon

    Bob Osmon

    This is the day that the Lord hath made: Let us rejoice and be glad in it!

  2. Thanks for this new insight on the nuances of belief and trust in Biblical language; thank you for making it a story and a message. You’ve brought light into a very dark day here!

    • oh don’t be discouraged. We all have dark days, and when I do (as I did last night when I woke up in the middle of the night, afraid), then I do something that works but is so silly I hardly dare tell you about it: I crawl into the lap of God (however that is understood) and hang like a little child around his/neck and cry and weep about how scared I am, and always — I get back the inner words, “haven’t I always taken care of you? Don’t be afraid. Think back. Remember.” And then in a few minutes, because I have given absolute vent to how childlike scared I am, I find the fear going and my heart leaps up, and I’m ok again, and slip off the lap and go to sleep (in the case of last night) or run about my happy day (in the case of it being daytime. Embarrassing, but it always works.

  3. Thanks, Sophy, I especially enjoyed this one– and it was quite a synchronicity! Just an hour before reading your blog post, I happened to be browsing through the NYT and came upon a travel section article about Anne of Green Gables and Prince Edward Island!!

  4. Sophy, I think I’ll try your approach! This has been a year of disillusionment. Just when I actually trusted my intuition (or what I thought was intuition) and made a big life choice, I was repeatedly backhanded and shot down to very low and dark places. Clearly I still have much work to do! Leaps of faith are much more precarious than they seem!

    Your beautiful words have inspired me yet again. I often forget the child in me when I’m in need of reassurance.

    Thank you.

  5. I have thrown my Heart over the fence. The Horse is in mid-air. AND, I TRUST that we will make a safe landing such that we are off and running again,dodging cannon fire,along the way.

    The obstacles continue to appear insurmountable,but we are working up to a fearless approach for the next jump.

    I’m so looking forward to meeting MY GUARDIAN ANGEL FACE TO FACE, as we gallop along through this dark place towards the LIGHT.

    Thank you for checking in from time to time. Many Blessings…..

  6. Excellent, you lie in his hand, that’s exactly what I do. This principle needs to be reinforced, all creations can lie in his hand. I think as I sometimes am not fully focused on God, so in turn perhaps he is not always fully focused on me. Being in his hand brings me in tune with Him and under His Attention. Thank you so much Sophy, bless you..

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