Why Women Have More Intuition than Men, not to mention seeing angels more

I don’t usually talk about my books on my blog, which I’m told is a BIG MISTAKE, because for what other reason does one spend time blogging (they tell me) except to market your own stuff?  But tonight on this September equinox, I want to share something delicious. And maybe it will prompt someone to buy my book THE ART OF INTUITION. (There! I’ve done marketing! Now to the good part.)

They (the ubiquitous “they”) have just discovered – not that women have more intuition than men – we’ve all known that for millennia – but WHY!  When I was writing THE ART OF INTUITION (aha! Another mention), I did a lot of research, wondering if there is a special intuition node in the brain that is perhaps bigger in women than in men.  I remember once dating a man who seemed remarkably dense. A heavy specific gravity, if you know what I mean. We were driving in the car one evening when I asked him, “Are you intelligent?”

I really couldn’t tell. He turned to me with a superior smile and answered modestly, “Well, I’m a Mensa Scholar.”

“What’s that?” I asked, and when he told me how Mensas are the highly gifted and super-intelligent, especially at solving puzzles, I decided I better back off.  It took me another year to figure out that while he was maybe off-the-scale smart, he had absolutely zero emotional intelligence, zero intuition, zero ability to “read” another person, or know what was going on at any time, so that he was constantly bumbling by, putting his foot in his mouth.

Now here is the email I just received from Delancyplace.com, taken from “the Definitive Book of Body Language by Allan and Barbara Pease (2007), and I don’t mind giving their book a plug too, alongside THE ART OF INTUITION, by Sophy Burnham, which covers not only body language but animal communication, creative genius, psychic spying by the US military, and practically everything else that is known and unknown about telepathy, ESP, intuition, the hunch, gut feeling, the external voice, energy and auras, how to trust your intuition and how to give or receive a psychic reading—which I think that everyone can do: they are natural spiritual gifts. You can read excerpts from ART OF INTUITION on Amazon.com.

But this one is taken from the Peases’ (though I’m disappointed it’s not written by Barbara alone), through this Delancyplace.com email. Read on!

“Research by psychologists at Harvard University showed how women are far more alert to body language than men. They showed short films, with the sound turned off, of a man and woman communicating, and the participants were asked to decode what was happening by reading the couple’s expressions. The research showed that women read the situation accurately 87 percent of the time, while the men scored only 42 percent accuracy. … Female intuition is particularly evident in women who have raised children. For the first few years, the mother relies almost solely on the nonverbal channel to communicate with the child and this is why women are often more perceptive negotiators than men, because they practice reading signals early. …

“Magnetic Resonance Imaging brain scans (MRI) clearly show why women have far greater capacity for communicating with and evaluating people than men do. Women have between fourteen and sixteen areas of the brain to evaluate others’ behavior versus a man’s four to six areas. This explains how a woman can attend a dinner party and rapidly work out the state of the relationships of other couples at the party — who’s had an argument, who likes who, and so on. …

The female brain is organized for multi-tracking — the average woman can juggle between two and four unrelated topics at the same time. She can watch a television program while talking on the telephone plus listen to a second conversation behind her, while drinking a cup of coffee. She can talk about several unrelated topics in the one conversation and use five vocal tones to change the subject or emphasize points. Unfortunately, most men can only identify three of these tones. As a result, men often lose the plot when women are trying to communicate with them. ..

“[A part of this is that] most men’s close-range and peripheral vision is far poorer than women’s, … [and] women’s peripheral vision extends to at least forty-five degrees to each side, above and below.”
Author: Allan and Barbara Pease
Title: The Definitive Book of Body Language
Publisher: Bantam
Date: Copyright 2004 by Allan Pease

WOW~  think of that! No wonder angels appear more often to women to men. We see more. Now, men, my dear ones, our beloved other gender, remember always to defer to the smarter sex. Yours, in Wisdom, Sophy

3 thoughts on “Why Women Have More Intuition than Men, not to mention seeing angels more

  1. My dear, before I read your thoughts, I want to tell you that I believe yesterday I had an intervention that may be considered an angelic interchange.

    I’m off to a 4:30 show but I wanted to communicate with you before I left. I hope you are more than well. When are you back in DC? abbraccio, Natalie

  2. I am a woman and consider myself to be highly intuitive, so I read with interest. After considering the evidence you present my first thought was, “I wonder if people who have a less developed intuitive sense are more fearful and suspicious because they can’t get a read on what they are experiencing? If so, would it explain a lot of defensive behavior?”

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