Speaking with intent

Not  long ago I gave a reading to woman in California by Skype. For many years she had listened to my tapes from Sounds True on mysticism “Piercing the Veil” and on prayer “When you are Hurting and in Need.”  She reminded me of how powerful the human voice can be.

At the risk of blowing my own horn, what she said was that the voice itself as much as the words was what was bringing healing and encouragement. And so I just want to remind you to modulate your voice so that you’re speaking not only words of hope, but in the musical tones of peace and joy.

At this time of year when people get stressed and opposing points of view become strident it is especially important to think of your voice and how you are saying something in such a way that the other person can actually hear it.

I like to think that Christ had a beautiful voice. I like to think it was not sneering or pitched in such a way that it hurts your ears. I like to think that he spoke with music.

Also, are you interested in Sounds True? www.soundstrue.com

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