A Call from the Other Side

I’ve never written a blog before, so there may be some stumbles as I grow familiar with this new form. I’m going to write about angel sightings and about strange and mysterious, inexplicable events, the kind that send chills down your spine or raise the hackles on the back of your neck, the kind that lift your heart with that sudden exalted YES! that makes you feel you’ve seen the Mysterious.

Last night I had dinner with a friend who, like the author P. D. James, believes only that “once I was not, now I am, soon I won’t be again.”  I didn’t try to argue that stark philosophy, but here is the experience of one woman, contacted by her mother after death.

It was told to me by my sister-in-law. The experience did not happen to her, but to her cousin who lives on the West Coast (I’ll call her Sarah to disguise the name). Sarah’s mother had passed away, and I don’t know how soon after the funeral this little event took place—days, weeks—not long though.

One day Sarah’s cell phone rang, and curiously not with its usual chime but with some distinctive strange sound she’d never heard before. When she went to answer it, she saw the caller ID showed her mother’s phone, complete with a picture of her deceased mother on the screen! Astonished, she hit the “answer” button, only to find no one there. She set down the phone thinking it was a mistake, that’s all—a crossed wire, or perhaps the phone company had forgotten to cancel her mother’s phone, as requested. She called the phone company to report the number was still apparently in use, not yet turned off.

It was then she learned that her mother’s number had been terminated the day after her death and not reissued to anyone.

She took it as a message from the Other Side. Why not?  I know that spirits adore water, and also  technology (I’ll touch on this in future blog posts ). They are playful and time and time again you hear of the spirit of someone who has Passed Over who manages in dreams or by flicking lights or TVs on and off or by using computers to tell how they are just fine now, not to worry. And here’s looking at you!

I welcome any stories that anyone else would like to tell on this blog. And of course I refer you to my books, or my website www.sophyburnham.com

A bientôt,  In peace & love, Sophy Burnham

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